What Else Can You Do to Help?


a. PRAY – this is the fuel, foundation….without prayer, any effort is USELESS.  “We have 

                not, because we ask not!” (James 4:2) – let’s ask God to surprise us!


b. INVITE PEOPLE TO BE A PART OF IT: very simply, there is no website to go to for 

    signup.  However, if you want to create a signup sheet at your church, go right ahead.  

    Let people know some of the areas that help is needed in.  Encourage people to come Join us Saturday October  12 At 7am at the Fairground there we will use that time to call out each area and say how many is needed.  For example: KIDS 

    ZONE needs 100 volunteers.  If you would like to work in this area, go with Jeanie Sekulich, and so on until we can get each area covered with workers. 


c. TALK TO YOUR PASTOR ABOUT PROMOTING IT: we need local pastors to get behind 

    this and to promote it within their congregations.  If any pastors have any questions, 

    have them call: Ray Marcrom, Dana Brook, or Ron/Amanda Fuller.


d. SHOW THE VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkZkcmx9lEk or just go the   

    Link above labeled Videos



• September 19th


f. COLLECT CLOTHES:  elect a team at your church to collect clothes, shoes, coats for 

    children and adults just for this event.  If possible, store them at your church until the 

    week of the event.  If you have any questions, please contact: 

Jane Marcrom

Email: janemarcrom@gmail.com

Cell: 931-247-5792


• Most people’s questions can be answered on the website!  

• Website: http://www.onedayofhopecc.org/

• Facebook: One Day of Hope Facebook Page

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GET READY TO VOLUNTEER AGAIN! This year we will not have a rally earlier in the week just join us at 7am on October 12th at the fairgrounds. If you do not have a T-shirt You can get one there. If you do please bring it to save us money on shirts.  

October 12th, 2019 @ 9am - 2pm Coffee Co Fairgrounds, Manchester, Tennessee

Call 931-222-5033

Or Email help@onedayofhopecc.org with questions

Our Team Leaders

Health Services: 

Team Leader: Dr JayTrussler

Email: drj@drjaytrussler.comAssistant

Leader: Vickie Jones

Email: vjonesfnp@yahoo.com


Media Relations/Marketing:  Team Leader - same for Tullahoma

Team leader Manchester -  Taylor Rayfield 

Email: rayfieldt@k12coffee.net

cell 931-409-8556


Finance - CJ

  1. Thompson

    1. Email:  cjtmpsn@gmail.com


Haircuts/Massage -

Team Leader: Nicole Green

  1. Email: butterfly51421@yahoo.com

  2. Cell: 931-409-7236

  1. Massage: Misti Garrett

    1. Email: misti.garrett@hotmail.com

    2. Cell: 931-273-0796

  2. Assistant: Crystal Welch

    1.  Email:      cwelch@ups.com

    2. Cell:  931-273-2752


Church Relations/Humor -

Team Leader: Dana Brooks (a.k.a., “meth musician”)

  1. Email: pastordanabrooks@gmail.com

  2. Cell: 931-581-0325

Team Leader: Ron Fuller

  1. Email: thesojourner@sojournershub.org

  2. Cell: 931-409-8140


Clothing:  Team Leader: 

Jane Marcrom 

email:  janemarcrom@gmail.com

cell #  931-247-5792


  1. Team Leader:

Kitty Keen

Email: sKKKKK@charter.net

Cell: 931-409-7027

Home: 931-728-7483

Assistant Leader:  Roy Sekulich

Email:  radpreacher@gmail.com

Cell:  615-525-8720



Adam Cutshaw

Email: adam.cutshaw@hotmail.com

Cell: 931-273-1035

Hygiene Bags:   Team Leader –

Team Leader: Maggie Smith

Email: foodmgmt@bellsouth.net

Cell: 931-607-4176 Home 931-728-3764   

Assistant -- Beth Carter 

email:  bcarter4664@gmail.com


Food Services:   

  1. Team Leaders:

Ronnie and Sharon Holmes

Email: volpaint@bellsouth.net

Cell: Ronnie, 841-0385

Cell: Sharon, 580-0560



Team Leader:

Fay Jones and Good Samaritan

Email: euphonia10@gmail.com


Family Portraits:   Leaders: 

Rachel and Landon Spangler 

cell#  616-887-0853


Job and Career Services:   

Christianne Montoya

Email: cztm_5917@yahoo.com

Cell:  931-581-7631


Kids Zone:  Jeanie Sekulich   e-mail splatkids@cometocanvas.com

       Cell # 931-409-0261


Team Leader: Charlie Graham

Email:  cagraham1957@aol.com

Cell: 931-409-5348



Team Leader: David Gravely

Email: dgrave39@gmail.com ; ddgravely@att.net

Cell: David, 931-212-3481

Cell: Denise, 931-212-6247



Team Leader: Roy Sekulich

Email: radpreacher@gmail.com

Cell: 615-525-8720


Community Services:   Leader:

Lisa Gregory

e-mail:   lisalynne@bellsouth.net

Cell:  931-581-2953


Children's Books Coordinator:  Leader: 

Virginia Kivinemi 

e-mail:   vdiehl@gmail.com   

cell #931-581-7530


Linda Rollins 

email: jalrollins@att.net 

cell:  931-580-6623



Spanish Translators:   Leader: 

Claudia Avilla   

email:  claude93avila@aol.com   

cell#  931-409-9412


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